This series will focus on Indigenous Health and act as a primer for those interested in deepening their understanding and knowledge of Indigenous ways to support practice change. Grounded in the Seven Grandfather Teachings, each session assist physicians in expanding their knowledge and understanding of Indigenous Health.

Format: 1 hour lecture followed by a 1 hour interactive component

All sessions are from 4pm to 6pm ET

  • September 28
    Social Determinants of Indigenous Health

    Hour 1
    A description of the Social Determinants of Indigenous Health with a focus on the need to address the Distal Determinants in order to attain true health equity.

    Hour 2
    Panel with Indigenous patients. Each will give a testimonial and then there will be a moderated discussion.

  • October 12
    Introduction & History

    Hour 1
    Lecture “An Indigenous History of Canada”. A critical evaluation of historical events and their impact on Indigenous Peoples.

    Hour 2
    Small Groups “Circle”. Introductions followed by an exercise to exemplify the impacts of IGT on communities, families and individuals.

  • October 26
    Indigenous Worldview & Concepts on Health and Wellness

    Hour 1 & 2
    In introduction to Indigenous culture and worldview (including a smudge, drummers/singers and a talk). The last half hour will be a moderated Q&A session.

  • November 9
    Partnership & Allyship

    Hour 1
    An exploration of the knowledge and skills required to develop a healthy therapeutic relationship and be an ally to Indigenous patients.

    Hour 2
    Small group break out. First half hour doing a positionality exercise followed by a group discussion of scenarios with an opportunity for allyship.

  • November 23
    Cultural Safety & Leadership

    Part 1
    Review the concepts of cultural competency, cultural awareness, cultural safety and cultural humility. Explore the knowledge and skills required to be a culturally safe practitioner and healthcare leader.

    Part 2
    Small group break out hour.

    Part 3
    A final sharing circle with closing remarks.