Goals & Objectives


Overall goals of the series are:

  1. Gain a better understanding of how to engage, communicate, respect and support the wellness needs of Indigenous patients, learners and communities.
  2. Gain a better understanding of Indigenous worldview and the value of Indigenous knowledge.


Throughout this series, attendees will explore teaching specific to Indigenous populations. At the end of the series, they will be able to:

  1. Acknowledge the history of Indigenous Peoples in Canada including, but not limited to, treaties, rights, The Indian Act and Residential Schools.
  2. Recognize the ongoing impact/legacy that historical events has on Indigenous communities, families and individuals.
  3. Discuss the importance of Traditional medicine/healing for Indigenous patients.
  4. Identify the Social Determinants of Indigenous Health and how they impact your Indigenous patients.
  5. Examine why it is necessary to address the Distal Determinant (Colonialism, Residential Schools, Racism, Social Exclusion and Self-determination) in order to attain true health equity.
  6. Define strength-based, trauma-informed, culturally safe care and understand why it is essential in developing healthy therapeutic relationships with Indigenous patients.
  7. Examine allyship and the knowledge and skills required to be a true ally.
  8. Recognize the difference between cultural awareness, cultural competency, cultural safety and cultural humility.
  9. Acknowledge the importance of insight and self-awareness in the career-long endeavor to provide culturally safe care.
  10. Discuss Indigenous concepts of leadership and explore how this can be incorporated into becoming a culturally safe healthcare leader.